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Friday, July 08, 2011

Whatsup Guyz!!!...Long time....3 years:D:D....How r ya all...So ive been busy doing my MBA at Nagercoil...n i barely get time these days to be online:(.. So right now im on holidays...for i was extremely bored being at home for 1 or 2 thought abt attending a gaming event ( after almost an year , last was wcg 2010). So my friend Karthik ( eSports Solutions/ATe-Gaming) invited me to be a part of the event named DGL 2011 ( Dfuze Gaming league 2011). Dfuze 2011 was supposed to be one of the biggest tournaments in India...having prizes over 3L for CS 1.6, Fifa , CoD 4 and Dota...and all the top teams were expected to visit it..especially ATE...

So i reached Chennai at 11:00 am , 1st July 2011. Stay was supposed to be in a hotel named Mallika Residency which was supposed to be a " Business Class Hotel" . They had an attractive website layout..and i was pretty impressed...just 700 bux for a AC double room , internet access , amazing hospitality and reception it seemed ...But when i went there...oh my was like some rural shit godown... they had just deceived using fake pictures on their site...i was so much angry i even felt like giving a complaint against them...but karthik asked me to relax..and we moved on to a nearby hotel named "Sherry Land" which was way way better.

We started our journey to the venue by 12 o clock n reached there around 12 :30..thanks to the heavy traffic in chennai. The event was being conducted at Citi Centre Mall which is one of the most popular malls in chennai ( correct me if im wrong ;p ). We went straight away to the tourney place...met the organiser ( Suresh) had some nice talks with him... We ( eSports Solutions) were having the plans to have live blogging , live hltv broadcast and score updates for the event...which most of the gamers desired ( those who cannot attend the event ). We were promised like a 4mbps line for the same. Day 1 was pretty boring ..nothing much 2 say..the organisers were busy doing all the setups n networkings related to gaming...n there was this lady named Sindhya who was like leading them in almost any work...she was so would rarely see a lady being so much involved in a gaming tourney like this...Appreciate u Sindhya!..... We were Just staying at the venue till evening 7 o clock doing nothing...and went back to the hotel...

With my friend NomercY:]


By around 11 in the night i get a call from Karthik that Team ATE has arrived...n i went to their room to meet them. only 3 Members of the team namely Wuzz , PeXXeR n Ritz had arrived. Ben and Kappa were supposed to reach only on 2nd. Met The 3 ate members n had some talks for a while...people like Wuzz and Pexxer , i knew them from almost 3-4 years but never met in i was like really happy to meet them. Ritz was indeed a special character , he was having fun mocking n teasing us around ( especially me )..keeping on calling me MidhunDa Midhunda ...haha...really funny guy..yet insane ingame :p

Day 2 :-

We reached the venue by around 12 in the noon...N was sooo crowded...i guess more than 400 people atleast.....Every1 were busy doing registrations and chit chatting around with each other . Teams like inV , zR, Vi , 3D etc were also at the venue...inV, 3d n Ate were supposed to be the favourites for CS 1.6 , i have no clue abt the other games..sorry for that. Then, we met the Coolermaster Regional head n was having some talks with him abt CM sponsoring Ate n many other things related to gaming...Such a cool Person!. Coolermaster was one of the major sponsors for the event , which promised 5 CM cabinets as 1st prize for Cs 1.6 winners . We then later met up with Ben ( Mickey ) and Nirmal ( FrixN) and 1 media guy from Gamebashing . We had lunch 4m McDonalds .....guess what , we were accompanied by the great "titus" :).... After lunch we went back to the venue again....teams like inV , 3d, Ate made easy advances to the next rounds...Next match was between ZR and Epic Fail.... The match went on upto 6 overtimes..n ZR at the end came out victorious...epicfail put in a great fight..but it was almost like a 2men army ( jackson and prakz) and disappointing performance from rest of the people. Next match was ours ( Tmkc Mix). The lineup was me , Katalyst, mickey, nomercy and zoooink (game bashing). We were playing just for fun sake as we were meeting up almost after an year....We won the ct pistol round , went overconfident n lost next 3-4 rnds...but we had fun coz every1 were playing their own individual game n enjoying..:p we were even mocking opponents on public chat. Karthik ( katalyst ) was owning like almost 17-3 or something like that :p. 1st half score was 4-11 to us . We won the T pistol round and we were having so much fun...later on we took the match to over time. HIGHLIGHT was nomercy got 3 kills in 1 nade ( blooper or frag highlight??:p u name it )... it went on to 3 overtimes i think and later we lost...neways he had great fun H@H@@ karthik:)...

The biggest disappointment was we were not provided broadband was promised and hence we couldnt nt even do live blogging or score updates , leave the hltv broadcast...All of us(esports solutions n ate ) were extremely disappointed by this action of the organisers...Cmon its lame..u gotta keep up the promises.!!...We had no other choice but to ignore it...we were even planning 2 take interviews of some people..but thanks to the amazing coordination by the was not possible!!!.......

As usual we left the venue by around 9 in the night...had 2 sleep...karthik n ate people were having fun in their not gonna comment abt this here..haha:p



Day 3 :-
We reached the venue by Around 11 in the morning.... the matches were all delayed....I was supposed to leave by 5 in the i wanted to atleast meet the ate people n CM guy n have a talk around with them b4 i leave. ..By this time..Team ATE had arrived at the venue...n Ben and Kappa were also there ... I met ben( r4id) and had few talks with him...hes the coolest n knowledgeable Indian Gamer ive met till of the best assaulters n consistent player in India ( cs 1.6) . The matches were again we went out for lunch in KFC ..( Me, mickey, nomercy, katalyst, friction, Gamebashing guy and Titus.) . It was almost 4 in the evening and no good matches had happened yet..Ate was busy playing cs source alternatively and owning the opponents..some amazing rounds by Wuzz and PeXXeR. I had to leave by 5 in the i was saying goodbye to karthik...and he wanted to have a meeting of all the ATE people with CM we were off to the balcony..and took some ATE group pics..along with the Coolermaster Head:).... I left the venue by around 5 :30...Train was at i went straight away to hotel , packedup everything...left to the in straight away into the train, berth n started sleeping:p i was so damn tired ....reached TVM by morning arnd 11 , reached home by 12 , and off to the usual things:)....

With Fndz:]

With Team ATE the CS champs of India ;]

Conclusion about Dfuze gaming tourney

Expected to be great , GREAT effort n commitment 4m side of organisers , BUT they failed to keep up the expectations... VERY disappointing from a spectator/gamer point of view..coz i had to wait 8-9 hours for a match to start...and gamers were whining abt it..which wouldnt have happened if the organisers coordinated properly with the gamers...

Lot of prize scams seem to have happened...prizemoeny promised for cs 1.6 was 40k, but only 15k was given for 1st , CoD 4 prizes were supposed to be 30k , but they got 7.5k which aint even half of the promised prize money......

Regardless i appreciate the effort of the organisers , they have put up so much of their time , effort and money to keep the gaming scene in india alive..

But 1 advice...when u make promise on prizemoney n other things such as ( 4mbps line, hltv broadcast etc) please try to ensure that and live upto ur reputation..if u lose ur credibility means..uve virtually lost everything...GL for DGL 3 ...!!!

Thanks guys..feels great blogging after 3 years..Take care!!! THE PICS OF THE EVENT CAN BE FOUND AT and its open to all:] HFFF

You can visit me/us at :-

Monday, June 09, 2008

Finally a UT2004 Tournament !!

lol , my last blog was regarding quitting UT right ... this one is about the current UT2004 scene in europe.. Since the release of UT3 ...we havent seen an UT2k4 tournament for like 5-6 months . . few days ago i was just going through the Unrealnorth forums and came to know that there is an UT2k4 online tournament this weekend ..and they are providing UTV also ( just like HLTV in cs, you can spectate the matches ) . Ive been really bored of UT these days and havent seen a proper UT2k4 demo for last thot abt spectating this tournament matches . First match i got to spectate was Skaven vs iceman i think . It was fun chatting around with a lot of KNOWN UT2k4 gamers in spectators list ..more than the match the spectators were having fun sharing opinions .and all regarding whos gonna win, whos better ,why and all:D . Coming back to the Skaven vs iceman.. we were shocked by the skill level of skaven . THis guy is a kid !! ..just 15 years old and he was owning this iceman like anything . 1 and a half minute of the match over..and skaven was having the lead with 6 frags !!! ... He had got 5 headshots in a row within 1minute in rankin not KIDDING...5 headshots in a row..yea thats RIGHT ... The match got boring in between since it was totally one sided .. by the end of the rankin map..skaven had won easily..having arnd 40 frags or something..and a total of 14 headshots in the match !!! .. The best ive seen is 16 headshots by luxxiz in rankin vs yNz and skaven was very close to beating that record ... n1 kid . The next map was ironic i guess..that too was pretty one sided match with skaven dominating iceman. The next match i got to spectate was AsTz vs sm1else..forgot the name :D ....that was just like the skaven match ..was one sided with astz winning both the maps easily .

Next was the semi-finals ..Astz Vs Crowie

Ok a lot of you may not know crowie much .... He is a finnish ( finland) TDM player , who is pretty good in 1on1s also . This was expected to be a very close match . It started off with the rankin map .... first few mins of the match were very competitive ... with just 1 or 2 frags difference....but later crowie managed to win the map by a good margin .

Next map was was do or die for astz....if astz lose this, hes out, and if crowie wins this..he goes to finals ... well basically i love astz' i was cheering for him only ... In this game we witnessed some mind games by crowie . Well hes a really good player with the bio rifle ,so he started picking up the bio and started irritating astz with it lol... everytime astz gets 150 shield and a ot of health.. 1 bio hits him..and hes down to very low health with full shield gone . Saw some extraordinary bio skill by crowie ...some really awesome shots . THe match went into overtime ...and even in overtime we saw crowie using just the bio rifle and trying to take away as much health as possible...At a point we saw astz having 150 shield and 160 health something..and crowie gives a bio shot..and astz full shield is gone and hes down to 75 HP...after a lot of fight..the match finally comes to an end with astz winning the map

The Final map --- campgrounds . Crowie is a master of this map..and we saw him messaging this to astz in warmup lol.. "Ive never lost a match in campgrounds and will never lose " ...the match started ...crowie getting the upper hand in the match with this EXPERIENCE and skills in the campgrounds map...yet again we saw crowie using bio rifle very well and taking awaya lot of hp of astz... the spectators were having fun, but ive got 2 say that this match was VERY VERY intensive..astz wasnt ready to give up the match , he started playing very seriously..and once again..we saw this map also go into overtime... THE MATCH became much more intense .. crowie still using the bio rifle to take away a lot of health ... around 6 mins of overtime now..and astz having 150 shield and 140 health... we were expecting the match to get over by now if astz made a quick attack on crowie..but that wasnt the case...we witnessed an AMAZING combo from crowie..which took down astz Health to 45 and 0 shield ....astz nearly lost the match..coz after the effect of combo..he nearly hit a self rocket against the tower near bio area in campgrounds . BUT he dint HIT the rocket..thank god..again the match became more intense...both of them are without shield and low HP ... we could see that their hands are shaking.... VERY VERY intense game...and finally after 9mins of overtime..astz manages to BEAT Crowie and qualify to the finals .. PHEW..this surely was one of the best 1on1 matches ever in UT2004 . And Crowie said that this is his 1st defeat in campgrounds since he started UT ( im not sure if this is true tho ) .

I really recomend you people to watch these demos..ESPECIALLY TO DUTTAN..since hes a bio freak i recomend him to watch the way CROWIE plays with bio :) ..both duttan and crowie are amazing with bio imo :)

Wasnt able to watch the semi finals n finals of that tournament since i was engaged in a few matches vs spawn and imposter ... S kaven won the tournament beating astz in the finals..winning both the maps they played.. Congrats to Skaven .

Monday, March 03, 2008

UT2004 Days are Over :(

hey wtsup ppl...long time eh?

So i have decided to blog again after a long time..since theres been a lot of changes in my gaming n real life since the past few months ! :D . My Gaming life has changed a lot these days , finally i decided to stop UT2004 ( yeah , not like any random guy saying i stopped ut for exams , and starting ut the next day ) , i seriously stopped it !! . Should have stopped a lot earlier tbh !!! . Already experienced some symptoms of it sometime ago..but anyways its over now . Really man ...i miss those days playing with GREAT players like Fnatix, Duttan , Stryker and all.. when the game was COMPETITIVE !! n fun TOoo . During the last 2-3 months , ive been playing Counterstrike on steam , attending a few lan tournaments , hoping to attend more LAN tournaments, Thinking abt Attending ESWC Too for Counterstrike , need to form a good team tho ! There have been a lot of things which made me lose interest in the game (UT2004), one being ..very less no of opponents , Not Much people playing these days ....rare people like SpawN and Ryan ( ryan also quit now) . Another reason is the attitude of the players, most of em never seek to improve, but try to win a match SOMEHOW . using shieldgun full time and running away , thats the reason why i always hated playing on others server, they use shield even when im having like 90 ping !! :| . Also After they r dead , i go for respawn kill , and they stand still and type not letting me "GO For the double kills " which wouldve helped me improve my respawn frag accuracy . But since the number of gamers are very less say 3-4 ppl.. if i have to play UT..i can play only vs whatever they do ingame, i have to agree with it , so that i could play . People like duttan suraj n all must be knowing that i used to be an insane demo watcher.. Watching demos every now and then eh? .. Well that was one symptom which i observed in me recently . I dont feel like watching any demos it be even of international players !!! ..earlier i used to watch like a 15mins demo FULLY without forwarding . Even for Moviemaking purpose i used to watch so much demos..but nowadays it feels like..i watch 2mins of a demo..if there are no good frags or anything i just delete it from my computer..whereas i used to BACKUP all the demos sometime back !!... i find demos boring these days :( . ANother thing that showed my lack of interest in the game was respawn frags. Earlier i had SO MUCH URGE to go to respawn spot and get the respawn kills ..doublekills n all . Like that i learned the respawn spots of all the tournament maps fast. Dont think im being a bit arrogant , maybe due to too much of match practise, from my inside i know where the enemy is gonna respawn , still THESE DAYS i dont have any URGE to go to respawn spot for the kills . I started feeling like ..bah SAME SPOT, SAME OLD KILL.

I felt that i needed a map change ..and tho ut3 sucks..i would try ut3 once i get my graphics card upgraded... FOR a MAP CHANGE !!.

So these are some incidents which made me realize myself that i have lost passion and interest in the game and i need a break !! . So guys i have stopped UT due to lack of interest in the game , and also some real life reasons like bcom final year exams are coming up ..i need to do well for that , Thers a hardware course named A+ which is pending , I need to finish that asap and try for new courses like MCP and CCNP too ..But first i need to finish A+ i hope that it happens soon . I would Like to Thank every1 who has played with me and supported me throughout my UT2004 Career.. Especially to Duttan who introduced the game to me , been always nice to me , playing with me frequently n help me improve , give tips etc and help me Meet New People , helping me play some tournaments in which i wasnt allowed initially. So my ut2004 gaming days are over guys , But i have 2 pending ut2004 fragmovies..

I dont have enough frags for Unreality 2 , so with the available frags of spawn, fnatix, stryker, duttan, Bl1k , and Samarth i would be making a mix fragmovie :) ..abt the 2nd movie..i will try to make a fragmovie featuring myself if i find enough frags :) . Thats it guys , Bye Bye To UT2004,

would be trying UT3 after a gfx upgrade + if there are enough ut3 gamers in india :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


ok..recently a lot of my frnds got infected by this worm...although there are a lot of solutions mentioned ..i thought i would still include it in my blog also.. Hope it helps someone:)

w32.USB Worm

This worm spreads through usb drives...When your system is infected by this, when you open firefox... It shows messages like



"Orkut is banned you fool, The administrators didnt write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!" with title ORKUT IS BANNED

How it works

It runs a exe file which is name MicrosoftPowerpoint.exe which is located in the USB disk. The autorun.inf runs this file when double clicked. Once this program is run you are infected. It hides all your hidden folders, runs the process in the memory, makes the worm to start with windows and pops those annoying messages. This worm doesn’t destroy any system files. It just infects other USB drives and spreads to new hosts.

So disabling autoplay would be a good idea to avoid it from getting installed accidently (through double clicks)

How to Disable Autoplay

1. Click Start---> Run

2. Now Type Regedit and press Enter Key.

3. In the Registry Editor, locate and click the following registry key:


4. Modify the value of the Autorun to 0 (zero) so that CD-ROMs and Audio CDs do not run and
start automatically when inserted.

5. Next navigate to the following registry subkey


6. Modify the value of the NoDriveTypeAutoRun entry to 0xb5 value to turn off the AutoRun feature for CD-ROMs by right-click NoDriveTypeAutoRun and then click Modify to type B5 in the Value data box. Select Hexadecimal, and then click OK.

7. Quit Registry Editor and Restart the Computer.

Removing the Malware

Manual Method 1

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to the processes tab

2. Look for svchost.exe under the image name. There will be many but look for the ones which have your username under the username

3. Press DEL to kill these files. It will give you a warning, Press Yes . Repeat for more svchost.exe files with your username and repeat. Do not kill svchost.exe with system, local service or network service!

4. Now open My Computer , In the address bar, type C:\heap41a and press enter. It is a hidden folder, and is not visible by default. Delete all the files here

5. Now go to Start –> Run and type Regedit

6. Go to the menu Edit –> Find

7. Type “heap41a” here and press enter. You will get something like this “[winlogon] C:\heap41a\svchost.exe C:\heap(some number)\std.txt”

8. Select that and Press DEL. It will ask “Are you sure you wanna delete this value”, click Yes

9. Close the Registry Editor

Manual Method 2

Now to rectify this go to Start Menu>Run and type regedit . In the Registry Editor browse to this entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\

CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL and in the “Checked all” key reset it back to 1 from 2. Now you can change the settings in the folders option. Now delete the folder C:\heap41a and clear all the key entries from this registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\

CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\Run which says heap41a.

Now the malware infection is removed 100%. Before you are done make sure you format the usb drive it doesn’t infect other systems too.

Now the virus is gone. But be sure to delete the autorun.inf file and any folder whose name ends with .exe in the Usb flash drive.

Automatic Method

You can also try this Fix which will automatically remove the malware from ur system.

Hope this helped u :)